A partial view of the gallery at Mahon Hall, Salt Spring Island, July 2015

Please join us at the opening night reception, Friday, July 10, 2015, from 6pm to 8pm at Mahon Hall. This solo exhibition of work will be shown July 10, 2015 - July 29, 2015, at Mahon Hall, 114 Rainbow Road, Salt Spring Island, BC (hours are 10am - 5pm, 7 days a week).

The 2013 Sidney Fine Art Show is once again gearing up and the 'Call to Artists' features an image of '#3 Safety Matches'. This  piece was submitted last year to the show, and it is an honour to have had it chosen as the banner image on promotional material for the 11th Annual Sidney Fine Art Show.

A sampling of recent work has been delivered to SOPA Fine Arts in Kelowna, BC, for inclusion in their U8 Event. This is a large exhibition which includes a selection of work by their gallery artists, and all the work shown is offered for under $800 (hence U8), making it an attractive venue for visitors to view and acquire artwork at a reasonable price. The U8 Exhibition opens on Thursday, April 4, from 7 - 9 pm, and runs through until April 14th, 2013.

In recent weeks a selection of paintings has been sent to Art Interiors, a Toronto showroom that features a roster of artists. Art Interiors doesn't function as a typical gallery - it houses and shows an enormous amount of curated work that visitors can browse through (often in racks). The work has a wide divergence in style and size and price, and the showroom is frequently used as a resource for designers and set decorators, as well as the general public. Work from Art Interiors shows up almost every month in in publications like Canadian House and Home and Style at Home.